What is Car Subscription?2019-03-28T01:41:53+10:00

Do you have Netflix or a mobile phone? Then you already use subscription services.  Car subscription is where you pay a recurring fee to access a car, rather than buying a car for cash or through finance or leasing. A subscription removes the hassle of car ownership as it includes insurance, maintenance and registration and allows you to start, change or stop as needed. It also allows you to Switch between different cars to suit your lifestyle.

Why would I subscribe rather than buy a car?2019-08-19T22:10:25+10:00

There are many advantages of car subscription compared to buying a car. To buy a car, you need to save the full amount before you can use the car, which may take months or years. A Carly subscription is charged every 15 days so you can get into a car more quickly. Buying a car also takes a lot of time researching, inspecting and negotiating. A car subscription can be set up easily online, saving you precious time. Buying a car is a long term purchase, you can’t buy and sell easily as your needs change, but with a Carly subscription you can change your car every month. When you buy a car you have to pay for insurance, registration and servicing individually, a big hassle and difficult to afford if they all occur at the same time. All of these costs are included in one simple monthly subscription, helping you budget and letting you focus on living your life.

How does car subscription compare to saving up and purchasing a car?2019-03-28T01:48:40+10:00

It takes ages to save money! And while you are saving you don’t have any wheels. With a Carly subscription you can be in a car much quicker and the major items like insurance, registration and maintenance are wrapped up in one simple monthly payment.

How does car subscription compare to a car loan?2019-03-28T01:48:50+10:00

To get a car loan you usually need to save up a hefty deposit, provide lots of documents and fill in loads of forms and then pay interest on the money you borrow. And then there is still a chance that you may not qualify for a loan as credit restrictions are getting tighter. A loan is usually for a fixed term, so if your circumstances change, like an extended holiday, a new job or a new addition to the family it’s hard to get out of the loan and sell your car to get a different one. With a Carly subscription there are no long term contracts, just a minimum subscription period of one month. If things change, simply Switch your car for another one or stop the subscription.

How does car subscription compare to a car lease?2019-03-28T01:49:01+10:00

A car lease typically locks you in for up to four years and there can often be a big payment at the end. If you cancel the lease before the end there can be large penalties for breaking the contract. A Carly subscription is much more flexible, you can Switch to a different car or stop the subscription.

What types of cars are available?2019-03-28T01:49:28+10:00

Many different types of cars are available to suit a range of needs including economy cars, sports cars, SUV’s, commercial and luxury vehicles. Some popular brands available include Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Subaru, Holden and Hyundai.

How can I Switch cars?2021-03-10T13:56:22+10:00

Simply contact Carly when you want to Switch a car and we will help you find the best car for you. You can Switch for a few days, for instance an SUV for a holiday or a van when moving house or for a longer period like when you have a new addition to the family. 

How much does a car subscription cost?2019-08-13T22:49:44+10:00

That’s up to you! You can choose the car and the cost to suit your lifestyle. A Carly subscription will start from $115 per week.

What subscription plans are available?2019-08-13T22:54:37+10:00

We have three different plans available to suit your budget and lifestyle.

View car subscription plans.

What is the minimum subscription period?2019-03-28T01:50:01+10:00

The minimum Carly subscription period is 30 days.

Do I need to save for a deposit?2019-03-28T01:50:08+10:00

With Carly you pay a monthly subscription for the car. We even break the monthly subscription payment into one payment every 15 days, making it easier to manage your finances. 

What is included in a Carly subscription?2021-03-10T13:57:03+10:00

With a Carly subscription you get a great car including insurance, registration, maintenance and roadside assistance. In addition, you can Switch your car once a month to suit your changing needs.

Is insurance included?2019-03-28T02:17:47+10:00

A Carly subscription includes insurance coverage for all approved drivers. The damage liability starts from as low as $1,000, depending on the option you choose.

How much do I pay and when?2019-03-28T23:36:05+10:00

To help you manage your finances, your monthly recurring subscription fee will be charged to your credit card in two instalments. You will pay 50% at the commencement of the subscription and 15 days later the balance will be paid.

Who can subscribe to Carly?2019-03-28T02:18:07+10:00

To subscribe to Carly you have to be over 21 years of age, have a full drivers licence and a valid credit card.

How many free km are included?2020-09-01T09:39:45+10:00

Up to 2,800 free kilometres are included per month. When you start your subscription you can choose how many free km you would like to be included with your subscription by choosing an Entry, Medium or Large option.

What information do I need to provide?2019-08-13T22:52:54+10:00

You will need to provide basic personal information and upload a copy of your drivers licence and a passport or Medicare card to confirm your identity. To confirm your subscription you will need to consent to a credit check.  

Full details are available in our Subscriber Terms & Conditions.

How do I cancel my subscription?2019-07-25T05:16:37+10:00

You can cancel your subscription at any time by giving 30 days notice in writing.