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Car Subscription

Supporting Dealers in a changing environment.

Give customers what they want. Subscription.

Consumers are demanding new ways of accessing cars and automotive dealers and manufacturers need to embrace the types of models to stay relevant.

Younger generations feel that car ownership is a burden. It is inflexible and requires a long term commitment that does not suit their highly flexible lifestyle. They place more value on accessing cars than owning them.

From mobile phones, to movies and even food, subscription services are a smart way to access a range of products, including cars.

The automotive industry faces its biggest disruption in the last 50 years.

  • Sales are down around 10% and margins are slim
  • Customer behaviour is changing – shopping online and fewer are visiting dealers Stricter lending requirements preventing customers from accessing finance
  • Millenials & Gen Z value flexibility. Long term financial commitments like purchase, loan or lease do not suit their needs or lifestyle

For dealers , Car subscription becomes the 6th revenue generator. Customers who disqualify for purchase or would otherwise not consider purchase can become customers through a subscription plan.

  • Less friction in the sale – no lock-in long term contracts, finance or leases
  • Less commitment required from the customer – freedom to start, change or pause the subscription to suit their needs
  • Simplicity – ability to complete the entire transaction online, making the dealership experience shorter and delivering increased numbers of pre-qualified and fully converted customers

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Carly is uniquely positioned to support dealerships to start benefiting from car subscription quickly and seamlessly.

  • Fully functioning transaction engine
  • Live online marketplace listing vehicles available for subscription
  • Significant marketing support to provide qualified leads and converted customers
  • Operational support to deliver vehicles to customers

Internationally, car subscription is already well established and an important sales channel within dealerships

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