From electric cars to hybrid cars, all the way through to the future of self-driving cars the auto industry is constantly changing and evolving, and the retail side is no exception. Options such as purchasing a car outright, leasing or financing a car are no longer the only way for consumers to access a car. New concepts to enter the market such as Car Subscription, allow users to ‘subscribe’ to a car month-to-month, with no lock-in contracts and the ability to cancel with just 30 days’ notice. 

To help highlight when Car Subscription can be a great, flexible alternative to purchasing or financing a car, we’ve pulled together a list of the key benefits of using a car subscription service.  

Unpredictable Future

Life is unpredictable. Regardless of how much you choose to plan and prepare, things can always change unexpectedly. Being able to adjust and adapt to change quickly can be the key to success. Car subscription services like Carly understand just how important flexibility can be, that is why one of their key features serves to give more freedom to the way people access a car.  There are no long-term contracts, just a simple monthly cost, and you are able to start and stop whenever you’d like with just 30 days’ notice.

Easier to Budget with No Unpredictable Costs

When you own a car, it’s hard to budget for the unexpected expenses you will incur along the way. Whether you need new tyres, windscreen replacements, or a new bumper, it’s hard to predict how much it may cost or how often these may need to be replaced. When you use a car subscription service, any maintenance or servicing car costs that may arise are covered under your all inclusive subscription cost! Insurance, car registration, servicing, or unexpected repairs, the company will get it sorted for you.That means the only cost you’re required to pay is the monthly fee, petrol, and any tolls you use.

No Extra Maintenance

Keeping track of life’s chores can be a nuisance. Having to remember when your car registration expires or when it’s due for servicing is an inconvenience. At Carly, we keep track of when maintenance is required and we’ll get in contact with you to arrange and deliver a replacement car, ensuring you’re not left without a vehicle. 

Large Range of Cars Available

Why be stuck with one car for the next 5 years when you can switch cars every month? Whether you’d need a people mover for when the family is next around, or a Mercedes Benz to arrive in style to your next date, with a car subscription service you are not locked into one type of car, you can easily switch models to meet the changing needs of your lifestyle. 

Peace of Mind – Insurance, Roadside Assist

You can rest easy knowing you are always covered with a Carly Car Subscription. If your car breaks down in the middle of the city or if someone bumps into your car, just get in touch with us and we’ll deliver you a replacement vehicle while we fix your subscription car. 

Let Carly put the freedom back into having a car. Get in touch with us today to find out more.