Does the notion of owning one car and being stuck with it for years to come put a damper on your mood? We know the feeling! That’s why Carly introduced the ability to switch your car model once a month.  Why commit to a single car model and type, for the foreseeable future when you could change your car every month or as needed, if you wanted to?

While some people have a common use or purpose for their car purchase, not everyone is the same. For a lot of us, flexibility is key to our lifestyle, and one-off car purchases often don’t suit our changing needs. Need to be in the city office 5 days a week one month, and then taking a break for a getaway road-trip the next month? If you’re with Carly car subscription, you can swap your city car for your getaway car with a snap of your fingers to give yourself some extra room to breathe!

So what kind of cars are there, and how can you best use the switch feature to suit your changing needs? 

The Commute Car

If the daily grind is your biggest obstacle in life, choose a small to medium urban car that can get you from point A to point B, while still being small enough to find a sneaky park in the city for those post-work meet-ups with friends! Try out a 2019 Toyota Corolla from Carly and see if it works for you – and if not, you can always switch to something a little bigger down the road. 

The Family Car-Pool 

If you’ve planned ahead and know you need to do a lot of family trips in the near future, you can opt to change out your smaller car for something with a bit more room to fit the whole family, be it for doctor’s appointments, family dinners or a weekend outing. Try out a 2018 Holden Commodore or a 2018 Hyundai i30 if you only need a bit of extra space while still having a compact vehicle to zip around in.

The Moving Car

Got a move coming up? Already booked a removalist but still have a lot of bits and pieces you need to move yourself? Save yourself 20 trips in a small hatchback and book a car swap for a 2019 Subaru Forester for the occasion so you can pack it to the brim and get as many extra boxes moved as quickly as possible! Moving doesn’t take forever, even though it feels like it, so you can organise a car swap when you’re done to go back to your smaller commute car.

The Road-trip Car

If you bought yourself a car, you definitely don’t want to have to go hire a seperate car just for a road-trip – now you’re paying for your car loan AND your hire car at the same time even though you’re only using one of them, sounds like a waste of money to us! What if you could just book in your road-trip and then schedule your car to change out for a 2019 Nissan X-Trail so you’re ready to head off on your big adventure – this is all possible with a Carly Car Subscription!

If you’re tired of being locked into one type of vehicle for all intents and purposes, come chat with us today and learn what possibilities a Car Subscription service like Carly can open up for your life!