Ride sharing, a service that was unknown to the world 10 years ago, has taken everyone by surprise with its popularity. While ride sharing is the first choice after a night out, how does it really compare to other transport options such as car subscription, to access a car day to day? Which is better? Car subscription, a relatively new service in Australia, allows an individual to ‘subscribe’ to a car month to month without any long term commitments or lock-in contracts. With Carly, you’re even able to switch cars once a month, at no extra cost, depending on your lifestyle and needs. An example of how you could use the switch benefit is to upgrade your subscription to a van when it’s time to move house and return it for your normal everyday vehicle once you are all moved in. 

Ride Sharing 

Sometimes hailed as the future of public transport, ride-sharing services such as Uber, Lyft, Ola, or Didi provide a customised, convenient solution for individuals wanting a ride from point A to point B. With ride sharing services, the winning feature is that you are only charged for the service you require and pay nothing else when you don’t require their services. On the other hand, you are also subject to fluctuating peak pricing when a higher demand may occur on the ride sharing service. Additionally, you may have to deal with cancelled trips or long wait times for drivers who may be lost. Safety is also a big factor for those using ride-sharing services. Individuals are encouraged to double check the number plate, the make of the car and confirm with the driver their trip before beginning while some services also require the customer to provide the driver a code before the ride begins.  While rideshare is a great solution for people needing ad-hoc access to a car, it becomes much less convenient and feasible for someone needing frequent, often daily access to a vehicle. 


Car Subscription

New to the market, car subscription services are said to be cheaper than owning a car while still having the benefits of car ownership such as 24/7 access. For a monthly fee, the service covers all additional costs normally associated with owning a vehicle such as registration, insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance, therefore the only extra costs you’re required to pay are petrol and tolls.  Car subscriptions are great for those that require short to medium term access to a car, whether it would be for their daily commute during COVID or during their kids footy season to run them to and from training. With car subscription services, there’s no waiting around for a driver to get to you or unexpected pricing, you know exactly what your weekly fees will be over the course of your entire subscription. The best thing about Carly is that they are a no deposit needed subscription service, and you can cancel anytime with 30 days notice. 


When deciding between the two, it’s a good idea to consider factors such as frequency of use, need for immediate access, and how many people, and for what occasions will the transport method be used. Both options provide users with the ability to access a car without the costs or hassle of ownership however, ride-share can be much more suited to people needing a car for one-off events whilst car subscription is a better option for people looking for more ownership qualities such as daily access to a car.


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