More car, less commitment

Life changes. And it’s hard to know exactly where you’ll be next year, let alone five years from now. Your car should give you freedom, not take it away. Carly puts the freedom back in having a car.

Get the car you want, now. There’s no long term contracts, just a simple monthly car subscription that you can change, start or stop when life takes you somewhere new. Less commitment and no hassles.

With Carly, you don’t have to worry about being locked into a deal that seemed good in the beginning, but ends up cramping your style only months later. Why should you have to pay the same payments on your car year after year, while its value is ever decreasing? And why should your car, the second biggest financial commitment in most people’s lives, restrict your lifestyle because it’s so inflexible?

Your car should give you freedom, not take it away.

Get more car with less commitment with a Carly subscription. Have more freedom to choose the car you drive, how much it costs and even the flexibility to stop for a while to save some money or while you go on an overseas adventure. A car subscription with Carly gives you the freedom to choose.

Better than having to buy a car

Carly is the most cost effective way to get on the road quickly in a new or used car. Compared to a loan or lease, there’s no huge upfront fee, so you get the freedom of being on the road without the hassle.

Forget the long-term ongoing payments when you buy a car. Carly gives you the freedom to pay a simple monthly fee and cancel with 30 days notice. Spend your money on the things you love instead.

When you buy a car it can be a nerve-wracking, intimidating and confusing experience. The pressure to sign complicated agreements, committing you to ongoing payments for years on end, is enormous. At the same time you are trying to make sure you buy a car that’s right for you, your family and your future lifestyle – this is the car you will most likely be driving for at least the next 5 years. Who knows what life will throw at you? How can you be expected to buy a car when you have to commit for so long? The good news is you don’t have to think about it anymore. With Carly, you don’t have to buy a car ever again.

A Carly subscription means no finance, lease or upfront fees. That means no high pressure sales tactics pushing you to take home a car, no complicated finance or leasing contracts and no lump sum payments.

It also means you can start, change or stop when life changes. You can’t do that when you buy a car! If you choose to pause the subscription you can hand the car back and you have no further costs. Imagine what you could do with the money saved by not paying for car for a few months!

And unlike when you buy a car, a car subscription with Carly includes everything except fuel and tolls. We replace tyres, organise repairs and servicing and you’ll never have to hunt around for the best insurance deal ever again. That’s the freedom and flexibility you get through a car subscription with Carly that’s missing when you buy a car.

A ride to suit your vibe

After a few years in one car, it’s only normal to dream of a new one. Wouldn’t it be great to drive a new car when you want it?

Carly means having a choice of cars. It’s a different car when you want it – a Mazda during the week and perhaps a Mercedes-Benz on the weekend. Choose from over 13 brands, from economy to luxury, hatchback to SUV to suit your vibe.

Carly for the family

Families get the best of all worlds with a car subscription. Let’s face it, choosing a family car can be a testing time. Dad starts looking at something sporty and the kids NEED screens in the back, at which point Mum sensibly steps in with some practical thinking around safety and space. The car you buy ends up leaving everyone just a little bit less than satisfied. Cue tantrums… and that’s just Dad! It’s impossible to tick all of the boxes, especially when you are locking into the one car for the next half-decade or more. That commitment is hard to make when you have to consider if your family will grow, how to handle holiday road-trips, and all of the associated costs like fuel economy and wear and tear. And what busy family has the time to deal with the added burden of insurance and registration paperwork, on top of getting the car serviced… that’s right, no family ever!

With a family car subscription with Carly, you have choice and freedom. Change your car to suit your plans. Give everyone the car they want… sometimes! Drive a sensible car to save money for a while, upgrade to an SUV for the beach holiday and then Switch to a people mover when the extended family hits town. A car from Carly can be any car you want it to be when need it.

Carly for the carefree

Still working on your plans for the future? With Carly, you don’t need to commit right now. A car subscription lets you get the car you want today, without the years of locked in repayments, surprise repair costs or increasing insurance costs. You won’t need a huge lump sum up front to buy a car either. You don’t need to make a decision about your future car today. Choose the car that exactly suits your needs today and then in the future Switch to the car that exactly suits your needs at the time. You can choose to change or pause your subscription when something new comes up, giving you the freedom to save or spend your money on the things that are important to you now.

Carly for relocating

A car subscription is the perfect option for people who have moved from interstate or overseas. It is much simpler to get into a car with Carly, as there are no leases or finance and you won’t have to find a large amount of cash to buy a car outright either. You’ll be busy making new friends, checking out your new suburb, working out the best way to commute to work and finding new things to do on the weekend. With so much change why be forced into making a long term decision about a car. Start a Carly subscription and have the opportunity to try a few different cars to see which best suits your lifestyle. Perhaps you want a car for summer and a different car for winter. With Carly the choice is yours.


Easy as

It should be easy. But owning a car can be a massive pain. Now it’s easier than ever to for you to get on the road and stay there as long as you want, without the hassle.

Simply choose your car, verify your personal details, pay and you’re done. It means that you can join today and drive tomorrow. And with rego, maintenance, insurance, and servicing all included, you don’t have to worry about a thing except the road in front of you. Less dramas, more driving.

Let’s face it, owning a car is a massive pain. First you have to find one that you hope will suit your needs for the next five years and then find the cash or arrange finance or a loan and then there is the paperwork, time and surprise bills just when you don’t need them. But it doesn’t have to be. Now there is an easier way.

Car subscription removes the pain of buying and owning a car. A car subscription with Carly is simplicity itself. You choose the car you want to drive now, subscribe, and drive. There is one recurring car subscription payment, which covers you for registration, insurance and maintenance. You never have to take time out to deal with any of those again.

You might find there are times when life changes, and that a change of car would help. Carly makes that easy. Your car subscription means you have access to a wide range of makes and models, which you can Switch between when needed. A car subscription with Carly makes accessing a car fast, simple and convenient.